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Ruben Law FirmIndividuals in need of family law services look to Ruben Law Firm San Francisco. Located in the heart of downtown San Francisco, the law offices serve clients located throughout the Bay Area. With over three decades of knowledge and expertise, managing partner Stephen B. Ruben and his legal staff are well positioned to offer assistance.

Clients in need of legal assistance during a divorce or while establishing or dissolving a domestic partnership often seek out the support of the law firm. Attorneys also aid clients with establishing spousal and child support as well as child custody and visitation arrangements. Furthermore, the legal team is well versed in comprehensive estate and tax planning.

Stephen B. Ruben is a Certified Family Law Specialist and a Certified Family Law Mediator. These qualifications recognize him as an attorney who possesses expertise throughout a number of areas of family law. He and his knowledgeable staff provide competent litigation, mediation, negation and collaborative legal services to clients.

A Word on Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a pervasive, yet often not discussed, issue within our society. A number of surveys indicate at least 600,000 American women experience an instance of domestic violence each year. Furthermore, 100,000 American men fall victim to domestic violence disputes on an annual basis.

It is estimated that one in four women will experience an instance of domestic violence. In addition, nearly 75 percent of adults know someone who is or was a victim of domestic violence. So just what is domestic violence?

Domestic violence is defined as abuse or threats of future abuse between individuals in personal relationships.  This includes married couples and those in domestic partnerships. Instances of domestic violence can also extend to couples who have a child together or who are dating. Familial relationships such as abuse between a parent and grown child or among siblings also qualify as domestic abuse.

Individuals who believe they are victims of domestic violence may want to consider contacting Ruben Law Firm San Francisco for assistance. Stephen B. Ruben has a significant amount of experience in helping clients with a number of such matters. He has secured restraining orders and drafted legal agreements to help protect against ongoing instances of domestic abuse.

A Word on International Child Custody

In today’s increasingly global society, it is not uncommon for citizens of different countries to marry and establish a family. Unfortunately, these partnerships are not immune to the high rates of divorce found across a number of cultures. Child custody battles often ensue in such cases, and Ruben Law Firm San Francisco can help.

The process to return a child to the rightful home is oftentimes tiresome, emotionally painful and expensive. Considering many international child custody cases occur simultaneously with divorce proceedings adds insult to injury. Stephen B. Ruben encourages individuals in such relationships to take proactive steps to ensure the safety of their children.

By engaging in observation and maintaining vigilance, the chances of a potential abduction across international borders are reduced. Common warning signs are typically present leading up to an international child abduction case. For example, individuals who feel their partners may leave the country with the children should ask:

  • Does one parent maintain intimate ties to the home country?
  • Were prior threats to take the children made at any time?
  • Has a parent indicated dissatisfaction with the United States’ legal system?
  • Does one parent prefer to engage the rules of the legal system in the home country?
  • Have the children gone on trips with one parent where the remaining parent did not receive full travel details or an itinerary?

Unfortunately, courts throughout the world are not obligated to rule in favor of the parent who experienced the abduction of their child. Therefore, identifying early warning signs such as those listed above are essential in helping to prevent the removal of a child. Marriages between citizens of varying countries can have wonderful benefits to the family. However, the complexities of dissolving such relationships, especially when children are involved, often require professional legal support.

Ruben Law Firm San Francisco: Competent Legal Support

Ruben Law Firm San Franciscohandles a number of family law issues for clients. The firm prides itself on the ability to efficiently resolve cases at any stage of the legal process. Under the guidance of Stephen B. Ruben, clients have realized stalled cases get results.

Stephen is a graduate of the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago Kent College of Law. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree at Bethany College in West Virginia. Stephen graduated with honors from both schools.

Throughout his career, Stephen has continued to educate himself on family law matters. He completed coursework at the Strauss School of Alternative Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine University. This developed his superior negotiation skills and led to his designation as a certified mediator.

Stephen also completed an extensive Collaborative Family Law Training at Dominican College in San Rafael. He is a member of the State Bar of California, State Bar of Illinois and United States Supreme Court. Stephen is a member of a number of professional associations and serves the legal community in a variety of ways. His service affiliations include:

  • Association of Family Law Specialists of  California
  • Bar Association of San Francisco
  • BASF Family Law Arbitrator and Mediator
  • California State Bar Family Law Section, Liaison
  • Elkins Family Law Implementation Task Force
  • Family Law Section Executive Committee
  • Judge Pro-Tempore, San Francisco Superior Court Family Law Division
  • Judge Pro-Tempore, Marin County Superior Court Family Law Division
  • Lawyers Club of San Francisco, Board of Governors and Conference of Delegates Chair
  • Marin County Bar Association and Family Law Section
  • San Mateo County Bar Association and Family Law Section

At Ruben Law Firm San Francisco, clients are met with a team of courteous and experienced legal professionals. In addition to Stephen B. Ruben, the staff at Ruben Law Firm San Francisco includes an Associate Attorney, Senior Paralegal and Office Manager, and Paralegal and Administrative Assistant. Ruben Law Firm San Francisco is fully committed to providing services that exceed clients’ expectations.

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